Review – Voigtlander 40mm F1.2 Nokton Aspherical VM lens with Fuji X camera

This article is a short review of one of my favorite Voigtlander lens – 40mm F1.2 Nokton Aspherical in Leica M mount. It’s very compact full frame lens, and can be easily adapted to Fuji APS-C system using single ring.

Voigtlander 40mm F1.2 Nokton VM remains relatively small and well balanced when mounted on Fuji X-E2s camera. Focusing ring is close enough to find it quick while looking into EVF. Aperture ring is also conveniently located, and it’s easy to know which aperture is set by counting clicks. Though I’m shooting most of time @F1.2 and sometimes switch to F2 or F2.8, rarely to F4.


Voigtlander fast aperture lens often have very unique picture look, and this 40mm F1.2 is not an exception – it is performing great with interesting and often rich colors and nice background blurring.


I’m shooting with this CV 40mm F1.2 on Sony A7s, and often switching it to Fuji to enjoy unique combination of lens picture rendering and Trans X sensor colors.





Lens borders are soft wide open, but stopping down to F2.8 or F4 making it great for capturing landscape shots or architecture elements.







Thankfully to very compact size, and relatively light weight for F1.2 lens it’s a joy to carry it everywhere and keep shooting.





I’ll use for few more weeks to learn how to master 40mm F1.2 better and to make more balanced conclusions. So far enjoying this lens very much! : )




  1. Great work! I really needed such a review as I was thinking of considering Voigtlander 🙂

    Would you choose this lens or Mitakon 35mm f0.95 for Fuji X? Is the Mitakon sharper/more contrasty?

    Thank you


  2. Hi! Great reviews and pictures! I was curious about which adapter you are using on your Fuji X body.
    Is it the Fuji’s own M mount adapter or a third party one?
    Also are you able to record info in the EXIF file with this lens? Thanks a lot!
    I’m really to pulling the trigger on this beautiful lens!!


    • Hi, I’m using $10 third party adapter ring, with custom cut lock lever (for better camera grip space). Depending on Fuji X body, you can specify “adapter setting” focal length for EXIF (older cameras), or with X-T4 you can also add custom lens name to store in EXIF.


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